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3 Hints To Sell Your (Dog’s) Home Effectively!

It’s their home too.

In fact, if you have a cat, it actually is their home and they just tolerate your presence there!

When a pet owner comes to sell their home, there are more issues to consider than simply running the vacuum over the place and doing a spot of dusting.

Because, as you are already well aware, this is not only your home and it is going to be obvious to potential viewers. Not all of whom may be pet lovers.


  • Clean

Yes, this is standard advice for any seller; but you are not just any seller, Mr. Breeder of St. Bernard’s. Nor are you, Mrs. Guinea Pig Colony Queen.

And even if you think your pet is totally house trained and almost invisible, then we still mean you.

In addition to being able to smell your pet before they even set foot in your home, there is also the added complication that your potential new buyer may be allergic to your pet.

You need to do a bit more than bust out the Febreze. You need to get the place spotless.

This means eliminating all trace of odour and pet dander.

You might want to consider getting a professional cleaner in. At the very least, get the right tools for the job – a power vacuum for pets and allergies. We would also recommend washing all rugs and carpets as well as upholstery.


This extends to the outdoors as well. There’s no point in getting the inside spotless, if you are looking out to a big pile of doggy poop in the yard!


  • Air

In addition to cleaning, you also need to freshen the air in the home.

You will have stopped noticing this, but your home smells of your pet.

Get the windows opened and some air flowing through the property. Make a cross breeze, with the clever use of some fans.

Consider getting an air purifier for the room, to help remove pet dander from it.


  • Hide

We hate to break it to you, but your buyers may not be in love with your pet.

So that portrait of Fido above the mantelpiece will have to go. As will all the photos of Fluffy, which are running up the staircase.

You need to eliminate all trace of your pet from the home.

This means patching up damaged paintwork and hiding any scratch marks there may be to the furniture.

Oh. And it means that your pet needs to go on a short vacation whenever your viewers come to call!

It’ll be easier on everyone – including them!